More Sailing Adventures Coming!

Well, The sailing season is halfway finished, but the best is yet to come!

The first half of the year, I was getting used to sailing my new boat while taking friends, family and new friends out on 4, 8 hour excursions and some 2 and 3 day expeditions. Its was a great success!

I found out doing longer trips is where I want to go! So most of the reminding season will be little more adventurous on the sailing, But don’t worry! I will still be doing the “Princess trips” which are the 4 hour and 8 hour short excursions on weekdays!

I should have another series of planed trips for July and August up by tonight.

True North Adventures will be focusing on Safe voyages and living the “cruising life style” while visiting ports on Lake Erie for the year! We will be doing more photo shoots on and off the boat while exploring ports and attractions,  plus I will be teaching how to sail, navigate, docking, cooking on a boat, maintenance, packing for a trip and of course having loads of fun visiting ports of call!

Thank you for subscribing and please tell some friends!

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