Captain Mike Isbell is turning his passion for travel and sailing into another great company in the beginning of 2018. The mission will be to promote sailing and the exciting lifestyle of cruising while exploring, dreaming and discovering the world through adventures. You can read more about Captain Mike and his vessel on the About page.

The name he is considering is “True North Sailing Adventures”…

  • TRUE NORTH: Is about finding the right course of path, aided by the Polaris star, aka North Star, this celestial marker has been used by adventurers and sailors to navigate the northern hemisphere for as long as we’ve been out exploring our world with purpose.
  • SAILING: The unique life style of cruising by boat.
  • ADVENTURES: Well that’s an exciting or unusual experience you will have when you step away from life on land and immerse yourself viewing the world by water.

After 6 years of sailing, with others and having owned and operated his first 25 foot Catalina sailboat, Captain Mike is taking the next step and sitting for the United States Coast Guard’s (USCG) National Maritime Center (NMC) OUPV Charter Captain Exam. Going through the process of applying for his charter captain’s license and creating this website is all in preparation for taking out paying passengers in 2018.

The Goal For 2017:

Until then, Captain Mike will still be sailing the western basin of Lake Erie on a frequent basis. He plans to: Take guest out, by invitation, as crew aboard the sailing vessel, s/v Adventure.

  • Sail on 4-hour excursions near the Toledo Beach Marina.
  • Day sails to different locations to enjoy different activities. Plan for a solid 8-hours on and off the vessel.
  • Sail out to the West Lake Erie Islands for 3-day live-aboard weekend getaways. You can learn more about the points of interest in West Lake Erie on the Information page on this site.

Captain Mike will be taking selected individuals and groups out with him on sailing excursions and expeditions in 2017 at NO CHARGE.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the outside of the vessel / ship look like?

Pics coming soon

What does the inside / cabin of the vessel / ship look like?

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When will the sailing Adventures begin?

Somewhere in the early part of this sailing season, he’s shooting for May through October (2017).

What days will they take place on?

Mostly on weekends and extended weekends for now.

Where will they start?

Most adventure trips will start at Toledo Beach Marina or at Put-in-Bay’s public dock.

FREE? Really?!? Why is Captain Mike giving away free sailing adventures in 2017?

For one, he will be doing some market research on customer preferences, activity interests, demographics, destinations, packages, pricing, and in general gathering guest’s feedback to mold a sustainable lifestyle business. Captain Mike is also interested in collecting a rich media profile this summer, including pictures and videos from each adventure, as well as testimonials from guests on their experience sailing with him and True North Sailing Adventures.

OK, I’m in! How do get in on one of these sailing adventures?

Check out the the calendar of planned trips and express your interest in being one of the 6 guests taken on each trip by filling out the form included on each planned trip event page. Submissions will be reviewed, Captain Mike will follow up with any questions, and then select the folks he’d like to share each adventure with.

There is limited space, so if you don’t get in on one adventure, keep checking back for new adventures as they get added.

How can I find out about events that you haven’t posted yet?

There are two ways for you to stay current….

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2) Follow the Facebook page.